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Editorial Board

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Members of Advisory/Editorial Board

1- Dr. Mahendra K. Singh (Mol. Biology; Immunotherapy; Oncology) USA
2- Prof. Harandra Singh (Chemistry; Natural Product) India
3- Dr. Ajay Singh (Zoology; Plant Product) India
4- Dr. S.R. Misra (Zoology; Virology) India
5- Dr. B. K. Singh (Chemistry; Analytical Chemistry) India
6- Dr. R. P. Pandey (Chemistry; Structure-Activity Relationship) India
7- Abhishek Tiwari (Chemistry) India
8- Richa Pandey (Botany) India
9-Dr. P. Singh (Biotechnology) India
10- Girijesh Sharma (Comp. Science)
11- Ashish K Dubey (Comp. Science) India
12- Tripurash Dubey (Ell. Eng.) India
13- Dr. S. Shukla, India
14- Roobians, India
15- Rajat Rao (Food/Nutrition) India
16- Rakesh Pandey (Legal Adviser) India