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Volume III (2010)

1. Tiwari, S.(2010): Genetically Modified (G.M.) Crops and Plants- A Questionable Future. Journal of Natural Products, 3:04(PDF)

Research Paper:
2. Omoya, F.O., Akharaiyi, F.C., (2010): A pasture honey trial for antibacterial potency on some selected pathogenic bacteria. Journal of Natural Products, 3:05-11. (PDF)
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8. Singh Amritpal, Duggal Sanjiv, Kaur Navpreet, Singh Jaswinder, (2010): Berberine: Alkaloid with wide spectrum of pharmacological activities. Journal of Natural Products, 3:64-75. (PDF)

Research Paper:
9. Shivanna Yogisha, Koteshwara Anandarao Raveesha, (2010): Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV inhibitory activity of Mangifera indica. Journal of Natural Products, 3:76-79. (PDF)
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Research Paper:
15. Makanjuola O.Y, Dada, O.E, Akharaiyi, F.C., (2010): Antibacterial Potentials of Parquetina nigrescens extracts on Some Selected Pathogenic Bacteria. Journal of Natural Products, 3:124-129. (PDF)
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