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Volume V (2012)

1. Sudhanshu Tiwari, (2012): Punica granatum - A ‘Swiss Army Knife’ in the field of ethnomedicines. Journal of Natural Products, 5:04(PDF)

Research Paper:
2. M. Alikhah-Asl, H. Azarnivand, M. Jafari, H. Arzani, G. Amin, M. Ali Zare-Chahouki, (2012): Variations of essential oils in fresh and dried aerial parts of Prangos uloptera. Journal of Natural Products, 5:05-09. (PDF)
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10. S.Perumal, S.Pillai, L.Wei Cai, R.Mahmud, S. Ramanathan, (2012): Determination of Minimum Inhibitory Concentration of Euphorbia hirta (L.) Extracts by Tetrazolium Microplate Assay. Journal of Natural Products,5:68-76. (PDF)
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13. H.O. Lawal, S.O. Etatuvie, A.B. Fawehinmi, (2012): Ethnomedicinal and Pharmacological properties of Morinda lucida. Journal of Natural Products, 5:93-99. (PDF)

Research Paper:
14. S. Uthaman, Snima, K.S., Annapoorna, M., Ravindranath, K.C., Shanti, V.N., Vinoth-Kumar Lakshmanan, (2012): Novel Boswellic acids Nanoparticles induces cell death in Prostate cancer cells. Journal of Natural Products, 5:100-108. (PDF)
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18. Manish Mathur, (2012): Herbal Aphrodisiac their Need, Biology and Status: Global and Regional Scenario. Journal of Natural Products, 5:131-146. (PDF)

Research Paper:
19. K. Sakthivel, K. Kathiresan, (2012): Antimicrobial activities of marine cyanobacteria isolated from mangrove environment of south east coast of India. Journal of Natural Products, 5:147-156. (PDF)
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