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Volume VI (2013)

1. Sudhanshu Tiwari, (2013): Animal Toxins: A better cure of incurable diseases. Journal of Natural Products, 6:04(PDF)

Research Paper:
2. R.C. Jagessar, Ghansiam Hoolas, A.R. Maxwell, (2013): Phytochemical screening, isolation of betulinic acid, trigonelline and evaluation of heavy metals ion content of Doliocarpus dentatus. Journal of Natural Products, 6:05-16. (PDF)
3. Vandana Rawat, Kumud Upadhyaya, (2013): Evaluation of antimicrobial activity and preliminary phytochemical screening of Mesua ferrea seeds extract. Journal of Natural Products,6:17-26. (PDF)
4. Jude E. Okokon, Ashana Dar Farooq, M.Iqbal Choudhary, (2013): Chemical composition of Lasianthera africana and their Immunomodulatory and antileishmanial activities. Journal of Natural Products,6:27-32. (PDF)
5. H.O. Lawal, G.O. Adewuyi, A.B. Fawehinmi, S.O. Etatuvie, (2013): Chemical evaluation of mosquito repellent formulation prepared from the essential oil of plants. Journal of Natural Products,6:33-37. (PDF)
6. H. Lohani, S.Z. Haider, N.K. Chauhan, S. Sah, H.C. Andola, (2013): Aroma profile of two Juniperus species from Alpine region in Uttarakhand. Journal of Natural Products,6:38-43. (PDF)
7. Banani R. Chowdhury, Arnav Garai, Madhuparna Deb, Souptik Bhattacharya, (2013): Herbal toothpaste-A possible remedy for oral cancer. Journal of Natural Products,6:44-55. (PDF)
8. A.A. Oloye, M.O. Oyeyemi, O.E. Ola-Davies, S.A. Olurode, A.R. Ajayi, (2013): Hormonal variation in gravid does after oral treatment with crude ethanol extract of Spondias mombin. Journal of Natural Products,6:56-60. (PDF)
9. Fatmawaty, Fadilah,Hendry Astuti, (2013): Antimalarial activity of Delonix regia on mice with Plasmodium berghei. Journal of Natural Products,6:61-66. (PDF)
10. Sushil K. Shahi, Mamta P. Shahi, (2013): Pesticidal activity of Ginger oil against post harvest spoilage in Malus pumilo L. Journal of Natural Products,6:67-72. (PDF)
11. F.N. Njayou, E.C.E. Aboudi, M.K. Tandjang, A.K. Tchana, B.T. Ngadjui, P.F. Moundipa, (2013): Hepatoprotective and antioxidant activities of stem bark extract of Khaya grandifoliola (Welw) CDC and Entada africana Guill. et Perr. Journal of Natural Products,6:73-80. (PDF)
12. Marcel J. Medzegue, Alexia Stokes, Christian Gardrat, Stéphane Grelier, (2013): Analysis of volatile compounds in Aucoumea klaineana oleoresin by static headspace/gas chromatography/mass spectrometry.Journal of Natural Products,6:81-89. (PDF)
13. Adesegun S. A., Fayemiwo, O., Odufuye, B., Coker, H.A.B., (2013): α-amylase inhibition and antioxidant activity of Pterocarpus osun Craib.Journal of Natural Products,6:90-95. (PDF)
14. Rima Kossah, Consolate Nsabimana, Hao Zhang, Wei Chen, (2013): Evaluation of antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of Syrian sumac fruit extract.Journal of Natural Products,6:96-102. (PDF)
15. M.H. Rahman, M.A. Khan, M.R. Islam, (2013): Effect of ABT-6 hormone on growth and yield of BINA tomato-5. Journal of Natural Products,6:103-108. (PDF)
16. D. Alex Omoboyowa, O. Fred. C. Nwodo, P. Elijah. Joshua, (2013): Anti- diarrhoeal activity of chloroform-ethanol extracts of Cashew (Anacardium occidentale) kernel. Journal of Natural Products,6:109-117. (PDF)
17. Singh N., et al., (2013): Suspected weed plants associated with phytoplasma: analyzed by nested PCR. Journal of Natural Products, 6:118-122. (PDF of this MS has been removed from website dated 03-08-2013)
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19. Rabiul Islam, M.B. Anwar, M.A. Hakim, M.M. Khan, M.A. Sayed, (2013): Screening of heat tolerant wheat Genotypes in Bangladesh. Journal of Natural Products,6:132-140. (PDF)
20. K. Mythili, C. Umamaheswara Reddy, D. Chamundeeswari, P.K. Manna, (2013): GC-MS analysis of phytocomponents and in-vitro inhibitory effects of Calanthe triplicata. Journal of Natural Products,6:141-146. (PDF)
21. F.T.D. Bothon, D. Gnanvossou, J.P. Noudogbessi, R. Hanna, D. Sohounhloue, (2013): Bactrocera Cucurbitae response to four Cymbopogon species essential oils. Journal of Natural Products,6:147-155. (PDF)
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27. Vimla Goswami, M.S. Khan, (2013): Management of varroa mite, Varroa destructor by essential oil and formic acid in Apis mellifera Linn. colonies. Journal of Natural Products,6:206-210. (PDF)