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Volume VII (2014)

1. Sudhanshu Tiwari, (2014): Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum): Man himself is initiator/destroyer. Journal of Natural Products, 7:04(PDF)

2. G.A. Akowuah, T.T. Htar, (2014): Therapeutic properties of saffron and its chemical constituents. Journal of Natural Products, 7:05-13. (PDF)

Research Paper:
3. Patrick-Iwuanyanwu, K.C., Onyeike, E.N., Adhikari, A., (2014): Isolation, identification and characterization of gallic acid derivatives from leaves of Tapinanthus bangwensi.Journal of Natural Products, 7:14-19. (PDF)
4. Bauer, V., Sotnikova, R., (2014): Comparison of the effects of natural & synthetic antioxidants on altered muscle tension of the rat aorta evoked by activated polymorphonuclear leukocytes. Journal of Natural Products,7: 20-28. (PDF)
5. L.A. Santiago, K.C. Dayrit, P.C.B. Correa, A.B.R. Mayor, Banani R., (2014): Comparison of antioxidant and free radical scavenging activity of triterpenesα-amyrin, oleanolic acid and ursolic acid. Journal of Natural Products,7:29-36. (PDF)
6. Samy, M.N., Sugimoto, S., Matsunami, K., Otsuka, H., Kamel, M.S., (2014): Bioactive compounds from the leaves of Eugenia uniflora . Journal of Natural Products, 7: 37-47. (PDF)
7. Agbo, M.O., Nnadi, C.O., Ukwueze, N.N., Okoye, F.B.C., (2014): Phenolic constituents from Platycerium bifurcatum and their antioxidatant properties. Journal of Natural Products, 7: 48-57. (PDF)
8. K. Ait-kaci Aourahoun, Fazouane, F., Benayad, T., Bettache, Z., Denni, N., (2014): The synthetic antioxidant Butylated Hydroxytoluene, a naturally occurring constituent of the broom Cytisus triflorus L’Hérit. Journal of Natural Products, 7: 58-64. (PDF)
9. Afrah F. Salama, Ehab Tousson, Kamal A. F. Shalaby, Hind T. Hussien, (2014): Chloroform Induced Cardiomyocytes Toxicity and Possible Amelioration by Curcumin. Journal of Natural Products, 7: 65-72. (PDF link of MS has been removed from the date 16-03-2014)
10. Ghaleb Tayoub, Huda Sulaiman, Malik Alorfi, (2014): Analysis of Oleandrin in Oleander Extract ( Nerium oleander) by HPLC. Journal of Natural Products, 7: 73-78. (PDF)
11. Mounira K., Nouha N., Imen M., Leila C.G., Kamel G., (2014): Limoniastrum guyonianum extracts induce apoptosis via DNA damage, PARP cleavage and UHRF1 down-regulation in human glioma U373 cells. Journal of Natural Products, 7: 79-86. (PDF)

12. Shilpi Paul, Shrileekha Mishra, (2014): Enhancement of Artemisinin production: a Biotherapeutic Agent. Journal of Natural Products, 7:87-97. (PDF)

Research Paper:
13. L.M. Azrul, R. Nurulaini, M.A. Adzemi, H. Marina, A.W.M. Effendy, (2014): Tannins Quantification in Terminalia catappa Leaves Extract and Antihelmenthic Potential Evaluation.Journal of Natural Products, 7:98-103. (PDF)
14. Taj Ur Rahman, G. Uddin, K. F. Khattak, W. Liaqat, G. Mohammad, M. I. Choudhary, A. Wadood, A. Ahmad, (2014): Isolation and characterization of a novel ester from seeds of Indigofera heterantha (Wall).Journal of Natural Products, 7:104-112. (PDF)
15. Sanjay Kumar, Siddhu, S.K., Mehta, B.K., (2014): New Triterpene compound (Lup-20(29)-en-3β-3, 27-diol) isolate from extract of Nigella sativa (seeds). Journal of Natural Products, 7:113-115. (PDF)
16. Ogundapo S.S., Onuoha J.C., Olekanma C.N., Okon A.B., Soniran O.T., Omoboyowa D.A., Okoro D.A., (2014): Alteration in biochemical parameters of albino Rats treated with aqueous extract of Hibiscus sabdariffa, calyces (zobo) supplemented with commercial flavor additive. Journal of Natural Products, 7:116-123. (PDF)
17. Sutomo, Wahyuono S., Setyowati E.P., Rianto S., Yuswanto A., (2014): Antioxidant activity assay of extracts and active fractions of kasturi fruit (Mangifera casturi Kosterm.) using 1, 1-diphenyl-2- picrylhydrazyl method. Journal of Natural Products, 7:124-130. (PDF)
18. Nadia M., Imen M., Mounira K., Fadwa C., Zied G., Kamel G., Thierry H., Leila C.G., (2014): Antibacterial activity and modulation of antibiotic resistance by Crataegus azarolusextracts. Journal of Natural Products, 7:131-140. (PDF)
19. Ghaleb Tayoub, Huda Sulaiman, Malik Alorfi, (2014): Total Resveratrol concentrations in some Syrian grape varieties. Journal of Natural Products, 7:141-146. (PDF)
20. Uma Masur, Hemanth Kumar, Ashwani Kumar, (2014): Anti-larval effects of leaf and callus extract of Dysoxylum binectariferum against urban malaria vector, Anopheles stephensi. Journal of Natural Products, 7:147-154. (PDF)
21. Adesegun, S.A., Coker, H.A.B., Hamann M.T., (2014): Anti-cancerous triterpenoid saponins from Lecaniodiscus cupanioides. Journal of Natural Products, 7:155-161. (PDF)
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26. Ghaly, N.S., Mina, S.A., Abdel-Aziz, N.F., Sammour, E.A., (2014): Insecticidal activity of the main flavonoids from the leaves of Kalanchoe beharensis and Kalanchoe longiflora. Journal of Natural Products, 7:196-202. (PDF)
27. Jenny Jacob, Prakash K.B., Anu P. Abhimannue, Mohind M., Bashi M. Babu, (2014): Inhibition of lipoxygenase enzymes by extracts of Tinospora cordifolia : A study of enzyme kinetics. Journal of Natural Products, 7:203-209. (PDF)
28. Kassem M.E.S., Afifi M.S., Salib J.Y., Sakka O.K., Sleem A.A., (2014): Chemical Composition of the Lipophilic Fraction of Livistona australis R.Br. Mart., ( Arecaceae) Fruit Pulp and Evaluation of its Antioxidant and Antihyperlipidemic Activities. Journal of Natural Products, 7:210-221. (PDF)