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Volume VIII (2015)

1. Sudhanshu Tiwari, (2015): Save “JAL, JANGAL, ZAMEEN” from hurtful synthetic chemicals.Journal of Natural Products, 8:04(PDF)

Research Paper:
2. Thota S.P.R., Sarma N.S., Murthy Y.L.N., (2015): Occurrence of rare gorgosterol type steroid in marine sponge Sigmadocia fibulata.Journal of Natural Products, 8:05-08. (PDF)
3. Nair R.S., Snima K.S., Kamath R.C., Nair S.V., Lakshmanan V.K., (2015): Synthesis and characterization of Careya arborea nanoparticles for assessing its in vitro efficacy in pancreatic cancer cells.Journal of Natural Products, 8:09-15. (PDF)
4. Vasek O.M., Cáceres L.M., Chamorro E.R., Velasco G.A., (2015): Antibacterial activity of Citrus paradisi essential oil.Journal of Natural Products, 8:16-26. (PDF)
5. Sudarma I.M., Kusnandini A., Darmayanti M.G., (2015): Chemical Transformation of Eugenol Isolated from leaves of Syzygium aromaticum to its new isothiocyanate derivatives. Journal of Natural Products, 8:27-32. (PDF)
6. Ghaleb Tayoub, Huda Sulaiman, Malik Alorfi, (2015): Oleuropein concentration in some Syrian olive oil mill wastewater. Journal of Natural Products, 8:33-38. (PDF)
7. Tasmin F., Aktar S., Das S.R., Roy B., Islam M.R., Uddin M.N., (2015): Effect of different extract of gulancha (Tinospora cordifolia) on some vegetable seeds with their chemical investigation. Journal of Natural Products, 8:39-46. (PDF)
8. Lv J., Li W., Zh P., Li L., Zhou X., Xu Z., (2015): Tea polyphenols affected BP as an endothelium-dependent vasodilator. Journal of Natural Products, 8:47-58. (PDF)
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10. Abdelgawad S., Ma G., Hetta M., Ross S., Badria F., (2015): Chemical and biological study of Withania somnifera (L.) dunal leaves growing in Upper Egypt: Beni-Suef region. Journal of Natural Products, 8:64-74. (PDF)
11. Shetty N., Dong W., Delgado E., Basik A.A., Betin K.S., Yeo T.C., Sacchettini J., Williams H. Jr, Baker D., (2015): Identification of anti-tubercular Lipophilic natural products from Malaysian Streptomyces species. Journal of Natural Products, 8:75-84. (PDF)
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16. Ashraf N.E. Hamed, Ahmed Wahid, (2015): Hepatoprotective activity of Borago officinalis extract against CCl4-induced hepatotoxicity in rats. Journal of Natural Products, 8:113-122. (PDF)
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